Tuesday, January 2, 2007

New Beginnings

What do you do when you just aren't sure how to begin a new chapter in your life? I think I have a terrific idea how to handle this. I'm just gonna lay it out there. If you have ever wanted someone to write about something, drop me a comment in the box and I'll respond. I'm not saying that I'll be eloquent or anything, but I will tell you what I think about it and ask you to respond. Maybe the second blog you see here will be your idea in print.

I'm an average kind of man with a much larger than average body. At 6' 7" and over 300 lbs, very few people ever call me little feller or shorty. I've been an athlete and a couch potato and athlete is a lot more fun. Couch potato is easier. So you're going to get a wide variety of viewpoints here, but mostly mine. Sometimes you may hate what I write. I'll do better next time. Sometimes you'll love what I write. I do ... usually.

Politics are not out-of-bounds here, but don't expect me to fit in neat little pigeon holes. That just ain't gonna happen. Religion is more my line, particularly the teachings of the carpenter from a couple thousand years back. Music is another passion, but I'm not real trendy, so help me out once in a while. I watch TV some and rent movies because I just don't like theatre prices and sticky floors. But I'm not cheap and I love giving things to people. Food is another good subject, but it may be hard to get more than a colorful and mouth-watering description here. Still, my better half is a great cook, so send along a recipe if you want.

This year I am focusing on making what I do count in a significant way. If you want depth, we'll dive into the riches of the human soul and divine mysteries. If you want it light and airy, drop by from time to time and you'll find that, too. Mostly I just guarantee one thing: we're going to have some fun around here. Otherwise I'll get bored and stop writing.

The ball is in your court ... hook me up with an idea or a topic. Stop by for a chat. I promise to try to make you glad you did.


JD said...

Glad to have you join the blogsphere, Glenn! I know you'll have a great blog. Thanks for sharing yourself with us!

Tim Archer said...

Welcome to virtual unreality! I'm looking forward to reading your stuff, especially regarding where Cain's wife came from. (You said to suggest a topic :-)

God bless.

Grace and peace,

Bobby Cohoon said...

Brother Glenn,
welcome to the world of blogdom! It looks good so far and as soon as I log back in I am going to put a link to you on my site. Between the two of us we should be able to scare away the masses! :-)
Looks good brother!


Paula Harrington said...

Nice to meet you. We also have five children. Ours are between 5 and 16!

Take care and have fun blogging.


Minkydo said...

Looks good. I will try and check back.